Simple event ticketing.

Forget cash, cheques and paper forms.
Simplify how you manage events, collect payments and handle customer data.

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Simple event ticketing.

Effortless management.

Focus on what matters by minimising time spent managing orders and payments. We’ve worked closely with clients to craft an interface that just works no matter the task.

Effortless management.
Everything in one place

We keep all orders and events securely in your account for you to access at any time.

Powerful exporting

Export all, or specific orders and accounting information instantly.

Automated accounting and VAT

Output line-by-line and summarised accounts for your events, including VAT calculations and partially zero-rated tickets.

Lightning fast

Enjoy an incredibly fast control panel. Built on state of the art servers to handle your transactions, no matter your scale.

Beautifully designed

Clear, easy to read and carefully designed, our control panel is a delight to use and loved by our clients.

New Features

We frequently release new features, requested by our clients, at no extra charge.

Simple. Bespoke. Secure.

All your events in one place.

Create events in seconds, edit them at any time and on any device and archive them for reference, all from one beautifully designed control panel. We keep every event and order for as long as you want, with options to export at any time.

Simple. Bespoke. Secure.

Works on all devices.

These days we are often browsing and buying on our phones and tablets. That’s why we work with all modern browsers and devices of every size and shape. Whether you are on your phone, using a tablet or sitting at a desk, MatterPay will deliver the same effortless experience.

Simple. Bespoke. Secure.

Your Brand. Your Data. Your Money.

We know your data and your money are important to you. With MatterPay we keep your data secure and your money in your hands.

Everything you add to MatterPay and every transaction that you take is available for you to export at any time. We use industry leading encryption and security to protect customer details and orders, and never store financial data.

We don’t hold your funds. Payments are deposited directly into your independent company account, keeping your money safely in your control.

Simple. Bespoke. Secure.

We are carbon neutral

We are carbon neutral

Stop filing paperwork and wasting cheques, send automated eTickets which customers can bring on their mobile device or print at home. Start using MatterPay today and we’ll plant a new tree to kick start your carbon reduction.

See our environmental policy

Automated Ticketing

Send each customer a printable eTicket with every purchase, no matter if it was made in person or online, day or night.

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Beautifully Designed

Enjoy an interface that just makes sense, with snappy loading and easy to read content for you and your customers.

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Powerful Data Export

Export all or specific orders, print guest lists for events and reconcile payments in company accounts.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Drop us an email if you couldn’t find an answer to your question here.

What is MatterPay?

We offer a platform to sell tickets and take payments for events or payments.

You’ll find MatterPay a delight to use, with a true focus on usability in every aspect of our design, we’ll help you achieve more sales and happy customers.

The system is branded to your company or charity and you’ll receive payments into your bank account.

When can I get started?

Just Request a Demo and we’ll get in touch right away, see if we’re a good fit for your business or charity and get you onboard in no time.

It’s totally free to get started.

But really, how much does it cost?

It’s 50p + 5% of the ticket price per ticket sold and that’s it, nothing to start up and nothing each month.

It’s also free if the ticket is free and you can use all the features free of charge if you take payment in person, like with cash or an in-store card machine.

Can I export my customers’ data?

We know your customer data is valuable and that’s why we allow you to view and export any and all of it at any time, right from the control panel.

What payment services do you support?

We accept all major credit cards through our payment gateway, Stripe.

Other questions?

We’re always available at