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Promote & Share

Effortlessly promote and share your event through intuitive social sharing tools, embedding options for your website, and prominent brand visibility, ensuring widespread exposure and engagement.

Social Sharing Tools

Easily promote your event with built-in social sharing tools, empowering attendees to spread the word across various platforms.

Your brand front and centre

Showcase your brand prominently with our platform, ensuring your identity takes centre stage in the customer experience.

Embed directly on your website

Seamlessly integrate your event by embedding it directly onto your website, giving customers the ultimate branded experience.

Maps and directions on event pages

Show everyone how to get to your event. We'll instantly place a pin on a map for your location and show customers when they view your event.

Promo codes / Password protected tickets

Boost attendance and security with promotional codes and password protection, tailoring access to your event.

Streamlined checkout flow for all devices

Ensure a hassle-free ticket purchasing experience with a streamlined checkout flow optimized for all devices.

Add event to calendar

Simplify planning for attendees by enabling them to easily add your event to their calendars.

No passwords or accounts

Eliminate barriers to entry with a user-friendly experience. No passwords or accounts required for ticket purchase.

Mailchimp integration

Effortlessly sync your attendees with Mailchimp, streamlining your marketing efforts and keeping your audience informed.

Limited tickets remaining notices

Create urgency and drive sales by displaying notices of limited ticket availability, encouraging ticket sales from potential attendees.

SEO optimised event and ticket pages

Improve your event's online visibility with SEO-optimized pages, increasing the chances of discovery by potential attendees.

Support all credit/debit cards

Enhance accessibility by accepting all major credit and debit cards, ensuring a broad range of payment options for your attendees.

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