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Simple & Predictable pricing. No Surprises.

Free Events


No charge for free tickets

  • Always free
  • Unlimited Events
  • Fully Featured
  • Email Support
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Offline Sales


Take Cash, Card or Magic beans

  • Fully Featured
  • Mobile app for sales at the door
  • Complementary tickets
  • Email Support
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No other costs*

Online Payments

50p + 5%

Per ticket sold

  • Quick and Easy Setup
  • Instant Payouts
  • Take any credit/debit card
  • Email & Phone Support
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There are additional costs for corporate cards and international payments, See Details.
If these prices don't work for your business model, Give us a call.


Frequently asked questions

Do we need a website to use MatterPay?

No, you can list your events on your own dedicated and branded event list with us for free. And if you have a website you can embed tickets directly into your pages.

Are free tickets completely free?

Yes, we've never charged for free or POS tickets and we don't plan to.

Are there any other costs?

No, you only pay a fee on the tickets you sell, there are no setup, monthly or cancellation fees.

How does MatterPay charge its fees?

We'll take payment from your customers, take the fees from the amount collected and deposit it instantly into your account.

Can I try MatterPay for free?

Yes, you can offer free tickets and no charge, or try our online ticketing and pay no fees on the first £500 of ticket sales.

Do we need a Stripe account to use MatterPay?

Yes, MatterPay has partnered with Stripe to handle card transactions. Setting up a Stripe account is quick and easy, and we'll cover their fees.