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Captcha for free events

Keeping your events secure

When selling free tickets, there is a chance that bad actors could reserve tickets with no intention of attending your events. We use a variety of methods to protect against this, one of which is using captcha technology.

You’ll likely have used this before where you click a checkbox to prove you’re human. In addition, we’ll sometimes ask your attendees to perform a challenge, where they’ll need to select images that match the hint.

Customers will only need to complete this check if they are ordering only free tickets, if we require payment then customers will not be asked for this validation.

MatterPay Control Panel with highlighted details about orders and revenue
We use hCaptcha for our human validation. hCaptcha protects customer privacy by not capturing unnecessary data about them and adds minimal overhead to customer experience.

Ensuring accurate attendee numbers

It is still possible for someone to reserve more tickets than they should, and this is possible with any online ticketing platform. The best way to ensure that ticket purchases are all from legitimate attendees is to charge a small fee for your tickets.