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AgeUK provides services and support to older people across the country and the charity regularly organises events to raise funds and awareness for its cause. However, AgeUK Dacorum (AUKD) was frustrated with the cost of Eventbrite and explored alternatives for an efficient way to manage and sell tickets for its events.

Charlie Hussey, Development Officer at AUKD, is passionate about running engaging and successful events. He approached MatterPay, based in the UK, after a recommendation from a local business and has been able to provide AUKD with a simple and efficient way to manage and sell tickets using MatterPay.

AUKD created custom-branded event pages for their Carol Concert, Auctions and Easter Trail with clear ticket pricing and really simple payments. The marketing analytics features also allowed Charlie to optimise awareness campaigns based on attendee location.

Accessible by design

MatterPay is fully accessible for anyone buying tickets, whatever device they use. With only 2 steps from choosing your event to receiving confirmation and no account required, it’s a breeze to buy tickets.

Charlie also took advantage of the simple control panel to set up events, manage orders and issue refunds in seconds. The control panel is great for volunteers or occasional users as it’s so simple to understand.

All the tools you need

MatterPay’s platform allowed AUKD to track sales in real-time and generate reports in seconds. Using postcode reporting provided by MatterPay. The charity was able to identify attendee locations. This invaluable information allowed AUKD to prioritise spending on marketing and awareness in key geographical areas and apply for targeted grants.


Fair, low prices. At least 40% cheaper than Eventbrite

In addition to the range of benefits, AUKD found that MatterPay was at least 40% cheaper than Eventbrite with even more flexible pricing for high-priced tickets. Making MatterPay an excellent choice for UK-based charities looking to manage and sell tickets for their events and reduce costs.

We love the fact that our cash-flow is much smoother by receiving money as tickets sell, not after the event finishes.

Real support, at any time

MatterPay is a totally self-serve system meaning you can manage your events and customers instantly. But we’re always on and for support. Our excellent telephone and chat support supported Charlie throughout the planning and running of events for AUKD, ensuring any issues or queries were resolved quickly.

Any issues are dealt with so quickly, we feel truly looked after. 10/10.

This level of support is essential for any charity, to ensure that events run smoothly and attendees have a truly positive experience. Call us anytime for advice or support.

See how MatterPay can make a world of difference The platform’s ease of use, real-time tracking, and reporting capabilities, combined with lower fees and better UK support, made it an ideal choice. Join AgeUK Dacorum by selling tickets to your events with MatterPay.

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