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Chiltern Hills Rally, an iconic local classic car show, confronted the challenge of finding an affordable, user-friendly, and reliable ticketing platform for their event. Past experiences with several online ticketing platforms left them without a stable solution that worked well for them. The hunt was on for a solution that wouldn’t necessitate increasing ticket prices or compromising the user experience and catered to the specific needs of their classic car show.

The rally required a secure and efficient online ticket platform that wouldn’t force them to hike their entry costs and supported the specific requirements of classic car shows.

Accessible by design

It was important that the experience was accessible to their diverse range of customers and made running the event as smooth as possible.

That solution was found in MatterPay. Offering efficient and affordable ticketing with a simple, user-friendly interface requiring no registration or logging in. This simplified process allayed attendees’ fears about sharing creating accounts and registering for new services online and decreased confusion, helping boost attendance.

Car show features

MatterPay’s adaptive and responsive platform proved to be a game-changer for Chiltern Hills Rally. Not only did the platform cater to their needs in cost-reduction and easy access, but it also provided specialised features that significantly improved the overall management of the event.

Responding to the specific needs of the Rally, MatterPay introduced features to strengthen the functionality of the platform. This included coloured tickets for easier event marshalling, special terms and conditions for the car show, and instantly-generated show lists for inclusion in the show programme.

Real support, at any time

Adrian Fell, the Chiltern Hills Rally Secretary was particularly pleased with the excellent support and service as well as custom feature development at no extra cost, stating:

“The one most important thing that stood out with MatterPay was that they are a UK-based, local company where we were not having to talk to a ‘BOT’ and Max and his team have excelled in their helpfulness, support and development for our needs. I cannot recommend MatterPay enough.”

Fair, low prices. At least 40% cheaper than Eventbrite

In addition to the range of benefits, Chiltern Hills Rally found that MatterPay was at least 40% cheaper than Eventbrite. Making MatterPay an excellent choice for UK-based event organisers looking to manage and sell tickets for their events and reduce costs.

By using MatterPay, Chiltern Hills Rally was able to keep ticket prices affordable, maintain an intuitive ticketing process, and offer an enjoyable event experience for organisers, car owners and guests.

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