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Rubery Community Centre increased sales by 185% with MatterPay and transformed how they run events. Rubery Community Centre has proudly served local residents for over 100 years. Events have always been a cornerstone of their operations and are well-loved by locals. But they’ve decided that it’s time for a younger, fresher perspective on events, and the tools used to support them!

With their first event selling out in just weeks, see how MatterPay is the best choice for community centre events in the UK.

The pain of offline-only ticketing

With an annual fireworks night for over 2,000 attendees, Rubery was feeling the pain of operating with paper tickets and on-the-door arrivals, budgeting for no-shows and marketing to attendees. The following are just a few of the difficulties and how MatterPay has helped Rubery to address these

Cash Flow

With on-the-door tickets or services like Eventbrite, you don’t receive money from attendees until the event happens! This means that payments for the event must be made using existing funds. With MatterPay you get your money right away.

No-shows and convenience

When you’re taking tickets on the night or require attendees to buy tickets from your physical location you’re missing out on ticket sales if the weather is bad or your customers can’t get to your venue in order to pre-order a ticket. MatterPay allows customers to buy tickets from their phone, computer or iPad in seconds with just their credit/debit card.

Marketing and reporting

When selling tickets to people in person, it’s a hassle to collect valuable information like their dietary requirements, seating preferences or postcode. With MatterPay it’s a breeze to ask attendees for any information during our simple checkout process and we’ll even create a report showing you where everyone is coming to the event from!

The joy of flexible online ticketing with MatterPay

Rubery found MatterPay when searching Google for the best simple online ticketing system in the UK and took advantage of our free training to set up their first event. Starting with a fireworks night in 2021 they were ready to start selling tickets the same day.

Then, the floodgates opened! By taking advantage of MatterPay’s simplicity and reach, the whole event sold out in just a couple of weeks! This was a massive improvement, from selling around 700 tickets in previous years, Rubery hit their venue capacity of 2,000.

With all proceeds of the ticket sales available in their bank account immediately, they were able to ensure a phenomenal fireworks night for all attendees!


What’s next for Rubery?

Rubery is poised to continue growing its presence, becoming recognised as a central and exciting venue for those in the community and growing the number of members and attendees.

MatterPay is supporting Rubery with our powerful marketing tools, just a couple of ways we’re helping are:

MailChimp integration

Rubery is able to let attendees know about upcoming events and send other updates using MailChimp without ever having to export or copy emails around. And of course, it’s GDPR compliant.

Attendee analysis

Our reporting tools allow Rubery to see exactly where their attendees are coming from and use this information to target their outreach and maximise community engagement.

So how can MatterPay help your community centre?

There are a lot of options out there for selling tickets online, but we’ll cut to the chase and explain why we’re the best for your community centre.

  1. Cheaper than Eventbrite (about 40%) and our fees can be flexible to your needs.
  2. We’ve built our system to be incredibly simple to use, for you and your customers.
  3. MatterPay is UK-based, with real human support, available 7 days a week.
  4. We offer free training to help you and your team get set up for your first few events and we’ll handle any migration if you move from another platform.
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