Environmental policy

We strive to reduce our environmental impact through innovative solutions.
MatterPay is carbon neutral

Our approach to environmental policy.

Many companies will only offset their own operating impacts (the minimum required to claim carbon neutrality).

However, MatterPay takes environmental policy more seriously:

Direct emissions

Where possible we use efficient equipment, work with environmentally conscious third-parties and consider the impacts of the software we develop.

All businesses need to use energy to grow and develop innovative new products and features. We calculate the energy usage and impact for everyone in our team, from travelling between clients to powering the equipment on their desk. By understanding and calculating our CO₂ emissions, we are able to work with certified partners (Verified Carbon Standard) to invest in projects which offset our footprint by developing solutions such as wind based power generation. Find out more about the projects we invest in.

Ticket Printing

We’re promoting the use of smartphones for event entry by making tickets easy to access on mobile devices to reduce the need for excess printing and paper usage. But we know some customers feel more comfortable holding a physical ticket for your event. This is why for every ticket sold, we’ve already offset the carbon emissions regardless if it is printed or not. This means we’ve taken everything into account:

  • Paper production
  • Ink production and distribution
  • Electricity used while printing
  • Even the disposal of the paper after use

Taking all of this into account we offset the carbon emissions for every ticket sold.

Server operation

Our servers run day and night to provide our service all over the world. The environmental impact for these machines are typically significant when hosting high performance websites. However, our carefully selected, state-of-the-art servers are located in one of a data centre which uses over 95% renewable energy. (AWS)